What is GNU+Linux?

30. November 2017 von Tobias

Did you know the history of GNU/Linux? Richard Stallman gives us here within this short video a summary how the system and the tools we know all as "Linux" today were created back in 1991 and the following years. But what is this "Linux"? Is it just the kernel? Is the whole system described also as distribution? To be concrete: Don't call it just Linux, call it GNU+Linux or GNU/Linux. Most distributions also use many tools out of the GNU software - besides you can also view a list of packages of GNU software. The Unix-like Linux-kernel in combination with GNU software is the system we know and with the correct name GNU+Linux or GNU/Linux we also give credit to the authors, because without their work it would not be possible to run this system. Have therefore also a look at the concurrent FAQ for GNU/Linux!

The video is released under CC BY-ND and is also available throughout the website of the Free Software Foundation.

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