Parabola Presentation 2016

20. Juni 2017 von Tobias

Parabola is a Linux-distribution with complete freedom for the user. That means there are no packages with closed-source binaries to be found within the repositories. Based on the architecture of Arch Linux all packages are as new as possible and the user can also build own packages for further modifications. The system itself can be modified in many details, so even the INIT-system is not fixed as in other distributions and can be exchanged. The distribution uses the so-called libre kernel for Linux, so there are no binary blobs within. You should keep this in mind especially when using notebooks or other mobile systems as some components like WiFi-chips may not work because of lacking support for free, open-source software.

This video is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 and in common meant as Free Work to redistribute or modify with respect of the source material.


Used logotypes and wordmarks

(contains changes such as colour, size, body and speech)



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