Free your Android

4. November 2017 von Free Software Foundation Europe

Did you know that your mobile device, including the main operating-system and most other soft- and hardware components is indeed not free or even respecting your freedom? Android is today one of the most used systems to be found on mobile devices and the userbase is even more growing. The problem? The system itself is not respecting your freedom of choice. Mobile devices are small computers that we carry around all the time. They know our current location and contain private pictures and data. We use them to communicate with our friends, our family and business partners. They also provide access to the internet and have built-in camera and microphone. Being such powerful tools, they can bring great risks to privacy, but at the same time we can achieve great things with them: it depends on who controls them and for now not the user most of of the time.

The FSFE has started the campain Free your Android especially to inform us all about the risks and possibilities: You want applications and programs respecting your freedom, choose F-Droid for example. But even more the free and libre system Replicant could help you even more as derivate of Android. Please inform yourself and of course share the video and information found here. They are available for everyone and licensed as Creative Commons CC-BY.

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